Charity and Volunteering

When pupils reach the Sixth Form at Colstons they have the opportunity to volunteer in the local community

There are a wide range of placements available, and we try to cater for the interests of the pupils. A popular placement is at Glenfrome school, where sixth formers listen to pupils read and help with a range of activities, for example, last year we ran an after school street dance club. Just across from the school, pupils help out at the Worthies nursing home, which they find very rewarding. They often return with interesting stories about the war! Our influence spreads as far Frenchay Hospital, where two pupils help to rehabilitate adults who have suffered brain injuries, by playing memory games. Recently four pupils have been reinstating the children’s play area behind the village hall (pupil account enclosed). Besides the Christmas dinner, which first took place a few years ago, for senior citizens of the parish, pupils have been tending the gardens of those who need a little extra help. In all weathers they have cheerfully disappeared out of the school gates in their bright wellies and tracksuits, prepared for some muddy activity. In St Pauls, a charity called the Five Loaves and Two Fishes project, which provides food parcels for the homeless, is supported by pupils on a weekly basis. They pack bags and provide food donated by the rest of the school, and at Easter we give Easter eggs, to provide a little luxury to those who have nothing. The pupils are very aware of their local community and have brought it upon themselves to venture out of school on litter patrols, wearing luminous tabards, covering Stapleton and down Bell Hill and into Welsford Ave. The school is always open to new initiatives that help the local community, and we would like to be involved if possible.

We are extremely proud of our pupils and the selfless commitment they have shown to others, often less fortunate than themselves. Our volunteering and charity programme has grown tremendously over the last few years, and we look forward to starting new ventures in the future. 

An account written by Ellie Seal (Year 12)

 We are currently volunteering at the village hall just down the road from Colston’s. At the moment we are working on improving the garden behind the village hall, where the children would usually play, however it is unsuitable for them to do so in its current state. We are aiming to cut back the over grown area and make it a safe place for the children to play in again. After this we will be moving on to revamping the rest of the vicarage, including the drive up to the village hall and hopefully the village hall itself, we want to help out here so that we can make this a better place for all the community who use it.