Dolphin House


L6 (Yr 12)
Stephen Pritchard

U6 (Yr 13)
Ben Berry/Laura Goodyer

A Welcome to Dolphin House

Dear parents and guardians,
A warm welcome to the new school year from all those in Dolphin House. I would especially like to welcome all of our new families and pupils and in particular those who join us in year seven. It doesn't surprise me to announce that they have all settled in well and already feel like part of the Colston's furniture.

I would also add how delighted I am to welcome the following staff joining us this year. Mr Evans joins us as a tutor in year seven and assistant head of house in charge of year seven and eight. Mr Russell joins the maths department and will take over as tutor in year nine and we welcome back Mrs Ward who returns from maternity leave to take charge of our year eights. Ms De Zarate and Mrs Goodyer are also welcome additions to the team and they will take up support roles in years ten and thirteen respectively. I'm sure you would also want to join me in wishing the best of luck to Mrs Connolly, Mr Banning and Mr Vittle who have all left the house to take on new challenges. I would want to wish Mrs Connolly the best of luck, as she departs to have a baby, as well as Mr Vittle and Mr Banning as they take up leadership roles in Kings and Roundway respectively. Though I hope both the latter will forgive me for not wishing them too much luck!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for everything they will do in support of the school this year and, of course, particularly Dolphin. I am well aware that you do much to keep things on an even keel and look forward to chatting to you at one of the many social occasions available. Please ensure that any issues are addressed, in the first instance, to your child's tutor. The best method of contact is often an email and I have included the addresses of our tutors for you below.
Year Seven     Mr Evans
Year Eight      Mrs Ward
Year Nine       Mr Russell
Year Ten         Mrs Wyatt
Year Eleven    Mr Harper
Year Twelve    Mr Prichard
Year Thirteen  Mr Berry

The House system is often seen as a real strength of the school and I hope that continues to be the case. It’s success relies on pupil involvement and the strength of collaboration between school and home. We will always do our best to promote the kind of holistic approach to education that the school firmly believes in and encourage the growth of pupils into young adults who go out into the world to make a difference.

Dolphin pupils are, quite rightly, very proud of their achievements. From their Headmasters Commendations for academic effort to their Gold awards. From victory on the rugby pitch, the hockey field, Sports day, or even in the infamous House Song competition, right down to their reclaiming of last years prestigious House Cup. The thing that constantly impresses my colleagues and I, however, is their enthusiasm and commitment and a will to 'get involved'. In our weekly House meetings I regularly commend them on their attitude towards each other and their school, a trend I very much hope to see continue.

I would extend an invitation to join us on the weekend to watch sports fixtures or to attend the many social occasions that the school and the Parents Society endeavour to provide. Once again please feel free to contact tutors and myself with any queries and concerns and I look forward to letting you know of the excellent achievements of Dolphin pupils in the future.

Kind Regards

Dylan Kaye