Parents' Evenings and Reports

We believe that clear and regular parental communication is at the heart of building a successful partnership between School and home. To inform this communication and to ensure that pupils continue to make progress throughout their time at Colston’s, we carry out regular assessments to help our pupils understand how to improve their learning.

Pupils’ effort and attainment are measured regularly through the marking of homework, tests and presentations as well as the internal examinations that occur throughout the year. From Year 10, pupils sit trial examinations on a termly basis to fully prepare them for their public examinations.

Formal assessment is given termly in one of a number of formats. This can be an assessment grid which focuses on key aspects of a pupil’s learning, written reports that provide a more a detailed commentary on progress, or parents’ evenings. Pupils are set ambitious targets based upon national data and our teachers’ knowledge of individual pupils. Progress is closely monitored by tutors and teachers, and strategies are developed to ensure that all pupils can achieve their potential.

Parents’ evenings are a regular part of the reporting mechanism. The format of these evenings varies according to the needs of parents and pupils at different times during the academic cycle. Information evenings aim to build the partnership with parents by giving them the tools required to support their sons and daughters. Parent-tutor and academic consultation evenings focus on pastoral and academic progress. From Year 10 pupils are expected to attend this evening to maintain the close link between school and home.