Dolphin House

Head of House:

Assistant Head of House:

  • Mr J Beltrami
  • Mr B Berry
  • Mrs A Bishop
  • Mr J Harper
  • Miss L Lobb
  • Miss A Reed
  • Mrs H Richardson
  • Mr R Smith
  • Mrs S Ward
  • Mrs S Williams
  • Mrs T Wilson
  • Mrs T Wilson
Dear Parents/Guardians 

It is with great pleasure that I would like to welcome back all the parents and pupils of Dolphin House who return this year, and a special welcome to those across all the year groups who are joining us for the first time.     

Though I may be slightly biased in my assessment Dolphin House continues to be happy, vibrant and successful whilst stressing our key values of co-operation and participation. We were lucky enough to have a very successful year last year winning back the House Cup after a nail biting House Athletics competition which went all the way down to the final relay race. Academically, pupils assessments continued to be extremely encouraging and it was great to see so many of our GCSE and A-level pupils achieve success this summer.  Congratulations to all for their past, and continued hard work.   

There has been a great deal of change this year in the house and we welcome to our fold a number of new faces. Miss Victoria Cartwright joins the English department and will tutor year eight whilst Mr Richard Butterfield (Maths) and Miss Amber Reed (PE) will take on our year tens. We also have a new year twelve tutor in the shape of Mr Rob Smith who is also the Head of  Drama and the Faculty Director of Expressive Arts. I am pleased to say they have already embraced the Dolphin spirit admirably. I am also delighted to welcome back Mrs Kayleigh Connolly from maternity leave. She returns as our year seven tutor and Assistant Head of House with responsibility for years seven and eight. Because there has been such a big change, only one of our groups has the same tutor as last year, 

I'd like to invite you all to a 'meet the tutor' social on Tuesday 15th of September, 7pm in the Dining Hall. This will be an opportunity to have a look at what pupils at the school get up to as well as meeting the new team of tutors we have. Please come and join us for a drink and some nibbles.   

A number of my colleagues have left us for pastures new and I would pay tribute to the work of Mr Evans as Assistant Head of House and year seven tutor last year. He leaves us to take on the same role in Roundway House this year. Mrs Ward is on maternity leave and we look forward to hearing good news soon. Mrs Wyatt is still very much with us, and is taking on the task of a Dolphin House mural this term, I would thank her for her efforts as year ten tutor last year and in particular her heartfelt and entertaining tutor reports. Finally it is with a tinge of sadness that we have had to say goodbye to Mr Pritchard, Dolphin tutor and Drama Guru since the dawn of time he will be sorely missed. I only hope we can live up to his high standards when it comes to the House Song competition this Easter.  

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for everything they will do in support of the school this year and, of course, particularly Dolphin. I am well aware that you do much to keep things on an even keel and look forward to chatting to you at one of the many social occasions available. 

Please ensure that any issues are addressed, in the first instance, to your child's tutor. One of the best methods of contacting us is through email so please The House system is often seen as a real strength of the school and I hope that continues to be the case. Its success relies on pupil involvement and the strength of collaboration between School and home. We will always do our best to promote the kind of holistic approach to education that the school firmly believes in and encourage the growth of pupils into young adults who go out into the world to make a difference.   

Dolphin pupils are rightly proud of their shared and individual achievements and I would commend their efforts in this regard. I continue to be impressed by their attitude towards the school and each other and their positive outlook and enthusiasm. It is this which makes it a privilege to be part of this School and House and I look forward to discussing the many achievements of your particular pupil when the opportunity arrives.   

Here's to another successful year. 

Kind regards 

Dylan Kaye 

 Head of Dolphin House