Advanced technology skills are in increasing demand and Colston’s pupils have the opportunity to learn in interesting and innovative ways through the use of technology in many parts of the school.

Our computing courses at Key Stage 3 and 4 enable pupils to develop solutions to real-world problems and develop skills in logical thinking, analysis and creativity.

Our GCSE Computing course motivates and encourages pupils to work both individually and in teams. Pupils are given the opportunity to program in several different programming languages and learn about control and robotics. Our curriculum also encompasses multimedia technology and pupils can broaden their practical skills through animation, sound and video editing. We also aim to make pupils responsible digital citizens who are e-safety aware and who understand the legal aspects of computing and ICT.

Outside the classroom we develop our pupils’ interests in computing and technology through a number of extra-curricular projects and clubs including the Lego League, in which school teams learn to use robotics to solve real world problems.