Learning Support

The Learning Support Department supports pupils from all year groups. From literacy skills in Year 7 to A-Level study and essay writing skills in the Sixth Form, Learning Support at Colston’s School has one overarching aim: to provide pupils with strategies, skills and techniques to enable them to become independent, confident and successful learners. Support lessons provide situations where achievement is embedded and attainment is celebrated.

Pupils who are identified as needing additional support, by the regular literacy screening, departmental monitoring, examination audit, self-referral, outside agencies or staff and parental concern, benefit from following individually designed, structured and multi -sensory programmes of work in the Support Room. Support provision is flexible and is organised in response to individual need at different times. Pupils respond positively to the individual tuition or small group environment where they are encouraged to reflect on their particular learning strengths. Acknowledging learning strengths (and weaknesses) empowers the pupil to transfer strategies and techniques across the whole curriculum. Organisational skill development is an essential part of lessons and these skills contribute to successful participation in extra-curricular activities. 

Individual specific learning difficulties are generally mild to moderate and the majority of pupils continue to A-Level and to higher education, training courses or employment in a variety of settings. It is an added advantage for older pupils that lessons are also offered outside of the timetable to ensure GCSE and A-Level classes are not missed. There is an additional fee for support lessons. Regular reviews and parent/guardian meetings are an important feature of monitoring the progress of individual pupils. 

Pupils with appropriate evidence of need are assessed for access arrangements as a matter of course and an application is submitted to the Joint Council for Qualifications prior to public examinations. There is an additional fee for lessons in the Learning Support department.