King's House


L6 (Yr 12)
Jo Poppy

U6 (Yr 13)
Andy Martin

Welcome to King's House

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I hope you have all had a restful and enjoyable summer holiday.  It is great to be back at school and I would like to welcome the new cohort of Year 7’s and all the pupils who have joined Colston's School this year.

There have been a few changes to King’s House with Mr Gwilliam standing down in order to focus his attention on other areas. Please find below the list of King’s House Tutors and their responsibilities:

Mr Masters        Head of King’s House

Mr Vittle              Assistant Head of King’s House and Year 7 tutor

Mrs Snell             Year 8 tutor

Mr Richardson   Year 9 tutor

Mr Thornley       Year 10 tutor     

Mr Layland          Year 11 lead tutor

Mrs Hambley     Year 11 co-tutor

Mrs Poppy          Year 12 tutor

Dr Martin             Year 13 tutor

I would like to remind parents that the tutor should always be the first point of contact within the school. If there is any issue or question that the tutor cannot deal with they will pass it on to the relevant member of staff.

I am delighted to announce that Ollie Campbell and Megan Davies have accepted the post of House Captains. They will be ably assisted by the following House Prefects: Cameron Campbell, Sammy Clements, Jacob Fortescue, Zoe Gould, Nathan Reynolds, Robbie Marsh and Martha Martin.

King’s House is a friendly place and our mantra this year is ‘be the best you can be’ and be kind to others.

Kind Regards


Lawrence Masters

Head of King’s House