e-STEAMed Coding Challenge FAQs

How old do I need to be to enter the competition?

Team members must be aged between 9-13 years old.

How many team members do we need to enter the competition?

Teams need to consist of between two to four children of the eligible age.

How do we register our team?

A Teacher or Code Club Host /Volunteer needs to register their team using the on-line Registration Form.

Can the adult supervisor register more than one team?

Yes, absolutely! But please, do ensure that no single child registers for more than one team. Any team containing a child registered to more than one team will not be able to compete.

When can we enter the competition?

Your team can submit its entry up until 6pm on 15th June 2018.

What is our team expected to produce, how do we create it and how do we submit it?

Once you have finalised your team, you need to create a product (game,quiz,app,website) that fits the theme with the aim to 'make Bristol more efficient economically or environmentally’.

The product can be coded in any language, e.g. Scratch, HTML or Python. Your entry may also make use of additional hardware such as a HAT (hardware attached on-top) or Micro:Bit.

Once you are happy with your solution, you need to create a 2 minute YouTube video which explains and shows how the solution works, how it was coded and how the game fits with the competition marking

For this, we recommend that you use a screen capture and voice over method so that judges can clearly see the solution. Please do not try to include images of team members in your video, but remember that the video needs to show the Team name in the video.

To submit the YouTube video, upload the video using your own account and publish it, then send the URL link to us, using the on-line Submission Form. Please make sure that the video’s privacy setting is set to 'Public’ or ‘Unlisted’.

It would be great if there were a place for us to meet up with fellow Code Club Hosts and Volunteers to discuss our ideas and receive support… what would we call such a place?

Hold on, you just described a Code Club meetup! Please take a look at the Code Club events page to book your place.

What support is available to us if we get stuck?

If you need a hand with a programming query or have a specific question about the competition, contact us using the following email address: marketing@colstons.org quoting ‘e-STEAMed Coding Challenge query’ in the email subject.

Is there additional support also available to the teacher / code club Host/Volunteer?

Of course, and if they feel they would like some additional support to help them improve their coding skills, they may wish to enrol on the following free online training course provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation: Teaching Programming in Primary Schools or Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python.

What other resources are available to us that may be of use?

You can get some great help using the following links:

We see that it is recommended that our submission is created by using a screen capture and voice over method - is there a particular program we can use to do this?

There are many ways in which you can record your video, and we're not too picky about how you do this; as long as you clearly demonstrate to us how your solution works. However, we do recommend that you check out Screencast-O-Matic, as a great example as it provides an easy-to-use and free screen recorder for Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

OK, we’re comfortable with what is required from our team, but what do we get if we win?

Great question. Besides the pride that will no doubt be associated with being crowned the best young coders in Bristol, the winning team will also be presented with the prestigious e-STEAMed Coding Challenge Bristol Shield.

Furthermore, each member of the winning team will also be given a prize, with the top prizes being a Raspberry Pi Starter Kit!

All competition participants will receive a certificate recognising their efforts and achievements.

Now we’re really keen to enter! Are there any other key dates we should be aware of?

So, you already know that the registration and submission deadline if the 15th June 2018.

You should also be aware that from mid-March you are encouraged to formally Register for the competition and to let us know if there is any extra support that you need.

Once the submission deadline passes on 15th June 2018, our judging panel will judge all submitted and eligible entries.