Upper School Taster Days

Taster days are held throughout the Autumn and Spring terms to give prospective pupils the chance to experience first-hand a day at Colston's. A Colston's student acts as a "buddy" and the prospective pupil attends lessons and clubs with them for a school day. Each taster day is arranged by our admissions team on an individual basis, this allows us to tailor the experience to ensure the day can include the favourite subject of the propsective pupil, for example, science, drama or sport.

Applicants for Year 7 entry can choose to attend a taster day either before or after the entrance exam in January. Taster days are held throughout the year for applicants applying to the Sixth Form and other year groups.

In order to attend a taster day an applicant must have submitted a completed registration form and paid the registration fee.

Please email admissions@colstons.org or speak with our admissions team on 0117 965 5207 for further information.