Religious Studies and Philosophy

At Colston’s, Religious Studies is a non-confessional, multi-denominational subject that seeks to help pupils learn about, and learn from religious traditions and philosophical ideas.  

It is our aim to help pupils develop an understanding of the beliefs and practices of different traditions with a view to creating tolerant pupils who are interested in the world around them and who have the ability to engage with problems in a critical and evaluative manner.

The A-Level Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics) course exposes pupils to some of the most interesting philosophical and ethical arguments in human history.  Many of our current social ideas and principles are based on these ideas and the course allows pupils to flourish as independent thinkers who are capable of constructing reasoned, balanced arguments.

Topics range from ancient Greek and Judaeo-Christian influences on philosophy, ethical theories such as Natural Law, Utilitarianism and Kantian Ethics to the attributes of God, life and death, and freewill and determinism.