Studying physics gives our pupils a foundation from which they can pursue careers in scientific research, engineering or simply to better understand the world around them. The logical, problem-solving approach needed to succeed is highly valued by employers, and the numeracy that is integral to the subject is crucial for courses like economics, business and finance.

Physics is a practical subject and we frequently use experimental investigations to establish physical relationships and behaviours. Physics is taught from dedicated fully-equipped laboratories with a range of equipment for classic physics experiments and the latest data logging and analysis equipment.

Our pupils become involved in a range of exciting projects and competitions.

Through our partnership with Bristol University, our pupils have the opportunity to work with engineering PhD pupils from the Centre for Doctoral Training in Communications.

A project run through the Engineering Development Trust allows our pupils to work directly with professional engineers to solve real-world problems.

Another recent project involved sending a balloon into space, with camera and GPS attached. The team overcame the technical challenges to successfully retrieve the module after a 30km journey into the upper atmosphere!