The Charter for Sport

Colston’s School

The Charter for Sports

To join a school like Colston’s is to join a community and become part of a team. Like any community it thrives on the trust and commitment which members of that community show to each other and to the whole. This has a particular resonance within sport. We expect all our pupils to represent the school enthusiastically, with pride and to enjoy the experience.

Saturday is very much part of the school week during term time and we expect pupils to be available to represent the school when selected. Details of fixtures can be found in the school calendar, the website and individual sports’ fixture lists. There will occasionally be an event for which a pupil will have to miss a Saturday such as a wedding. With suitable notice provision can be made to fill the gap and thereby give someone else an opportunity. However, requests for absence which are late, or for relatively insignificant events, such as a party, are contrary to our team ethic and will be looked upon extremely unfavourably. We would ask parents to send a letter detailing any unavailability to the teacher in charge of the relevant fixture, and as near to the start of term as possible.

Our twin aims are to strive for excellence whilst offering opportunities for all. Our sporting provision is broad and our fixture lists strong. We aim for success both as a team and individually, but in aiming for this we recognise that success is not simply measured by statistical results. The quality of our play; the pleasure derived from competing; fulfilment and achievement at an individual level; friendship and team spirit: these are outcomes from sport which we value equally highly.

We have chosen three words to describe the personal qualities which we hope our pupils will display in their sporting endeavours: Committed, Honourable, Enthusiastic. Sport counts for nothing in school if it is not seen within the broader context of education. These are good values and we hope that parents will share and reinforce them whilst supporting their children as they represent the school.

Respect covers many areas: match officials, opponents, team members, staff, spectators, equipment, facilities (including vehicles) and the sport itself. To show respect is to be aware of what is happening around you, to maintain a sense of perspective. As such it is central to what sport should mean to the individuals who take part, especially in an educational environment.