Sporting Excellence

Co-curricular sport plays a huge part in the life of all pupils at Colston’s and we are rightfully proud of our very strong and robust sporting tradition for both boys and girls.

Sport within the School plays a key role in providing camaraderie, leadership and teamwork opportunities, challenges both physical and mental and sees pupils given the chance to display empathy, confidence, creativity, determination and self-discipline.

The skills learnt and resulting judgement used are invaluable in later life and very much part of our co-curricular and sport programme.

Whilst excellence is pursued for those with talent and has led to many pupils achieving county, national or international representative honours, the aim is to cater for every pupil at their own level of ability and enthusiasm. All pupils have a carefully considered games programme and the prospect of playing competitively at School and House level. A full fixture list and regular major games tours are part of this provision.

We encourage all, regardless of ability, to enter the sporting arena as prepared as possible. Enjoyment is a major focus for us and educationally all our pupils learn, and our staff are fully aware, of the need for developing good practice for a balance healthy active lifestyle both at Colston’s and beyond.

Inclusion and participation are the underlying principles of the Colston’s School games programme. Pupils should be given the chance to both win and lose but most importantly they must be given the chance in a competitive environment to test themselves both individually and as part of a team.

Opportunities to represent the School generally happen at weekends and a huge proportion of pupils, if they have the enthusiasm and drive will represent the school in the sporting arena. At Colston’s we aim to foster a competitive spirit, ensuring pupils have fair play awareness and learn the ability to win without arrogance and lose with good grace and dignity.

The element of choice with regard to sporting options widens as pupils progress through the school; the main sports for boys are Rugby, Hockey and Cricket. The main sports for girls are Hockey, Netball and Rounders. Athletics, Basketball, Cross-Country, Golf, Swimming and Tennis are also very popular with some highly successful school teams over the years.

A structured coaching programme is organised by the Heads of Sports and members of staff supplemented in many areas by visiting professionals and specialists. Games staff help all pupils to take advantage of the immaculately maintained 30 acres of sports fields on-site, they provide opportunities for the advancement of all abilities as well as nurturing and supporting the elite.

We aim to develop an individual's potential and add value to their skills whilst raising their awareness for a need to exercise in the pursuit of a balanced active life.

At Colston’s we strive for and are committed to providing the pupils with avenues to fulfil their sporting dreams and to find something they enjoy and will pursue for life.