Cultural Richness

No one could fail in being delighted by Colston’s Arts provision which affords all our pupils a fabulous set of opportunities.

We aim to accommodate all-comers, both those with considerable experience and those who want to try something for the first time.

All pupils are welcome. Inclusiveness is a core arts value that we pride ourselves on and one of the reasons why pupils are so keen

to get involved in the arts at Colston’s.

There is a strong movement at present to put on events that embrace both music and drama. A Drama Club brings on the younger stars, and is run in part by older pupils.

Most productions take place in our Harry Crook Theatre.

Our Music provision is wide-ranging, with numerous instrumental and musical styles on offer. With a stunning 

range of specialist peripatetic music staff, music at Colston’s is more than a curricular or extra-curricular subject. Every Year 7 and 8 pupil has the opportunity to learn an instrumentas part of our ‘Music for all’ philosophy. This is one of the reasons that our various choirs, orchestras, ensembles, rock and pop bands and a singing groups are so ubiquitous and of such a good standard.