Outstanding Pastoral Care

At Colston’s we are very keen to ensure the safety and well-being of each child in the school and so all children have either a form teacher or form tutor who has primary responsibility for all day-to-day issues involving care and well-being.

To ensure this, all children from reception age are assigned to a House which they remain in throughout school. Several members of staff are attached to each house with one being Head of House.

There are four Houses; Aldington, Dolphin, King's and Roundway and each of the Houses meet in school on a regular basis and take part in a range of House competitions throughout the year. In year 6 the children may have an opportunity to serve as House captains.

Colston’s School is very proud of its’ Zero Tolerance policy towards bullying and bullying of any kind, verbal or physical, is not tolerated at school. We work very closely with all parents and as such parents are asked to contact the school immediately if ever they suspect that their child is being bullied in any way.

We ensure that all children are taught to understand what constitutes bullying through their P.S.H.E. lessons and in whole school assemblies, and are encouraged to report anything that makes them, or their peers, feel worried or frightened. They can speak directly to an adult or, if they prefer, put a message in the school ‘Worry Box’ in the Junior Entrance Hall if they have a concern.