Key stage 1

Here at Colston’s we understand how scary it can be for children to start Key Stage 1 and we aim to make the transition from Early Years Foundation Stage a positive experience by providing the children with a curriculum which builds upon their previous learning.

We understand that young children learn better through making links and although we broadly follow the new National Curriculum (2014) we ensure a large part of this is topic based. Within this, a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy is maintained.

As our children mature the expectations of individuals and groups are raised and whilst we maintain an active curriculum appropriate challenges will be planned for. The pupils will be encouraged to be involved in an activity for more sustained periods of time, collaborate and share responsibilities for tasks and work with a wider range of resources and equipment. They will also be expected to follow more complex activities and instructions, evaluate as well as report when a task or activity is completed and record more in a variety of methods.

Throughout Year 1 and Year 2 we provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that fosters a love of learning. We recognise that children need to be active in their learning. They need to feel excited and motivated and we want them to be inquisitive and curious about the world. We will give them the tools of learning and aim to give them a love of learning for life.

At Colston’s we think it is really important to provide a stimulating environment for our pupils through work and play and offer planned and structured opportunities through outdoor, practical learning where possible during our popular Forest School classes.

We are very proud of our Forest School learning provision that takes place weekly in the woods of our Upper School site. In this environment the children learn new skills, both within and beyond the National Curriculum, while building independence, cooperation and self-esteem. A number of trips and visits are organised throughout the year, including a residential visit to Goblin Combe, Somerset, for all Year 2 children.

By the end of Year 2 all children will have had the opportunity to perform on stage, develop their musical interests, study a language and build their ICT skills. Teaching Assistants support the class teachers in the delivery of all aspects of the curriculum and progress is regularly monitored through formal and informal assessments.