Duke of Edinburgh

All pupils in Year 9 are offered the chance to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. The Bronze Award can be completed during the following year, the Silver during the Year 11 and Gold during the Sixth Form.

Whilst the award is open to all pupils this does not mean it suits everyone. It is an entirely voluntary activity and must be undertaken as an addition to the many other demands of life at Colston’s School. It is hard work and requires dedication, perseverance, a fair amount of “get-up-and-go” and a significant amount of individual responsibility.

Pupils who decide to take on the commitment find that they have experiences and discover talents that stay with them for the rest of their lives and those candidates who progress from Bronze to Silver to Gold ought to be able to complete the full Award during their time at the School. Pupils have the opportunities to carry out expeditions on land and water across the south west and beyond.

The aim is to encourage young people to stretch themselves and achieve goals that they set, in consultation with mentors, in the different areas of the Award:

Expedition Physical Recreation Skills Volunteering Residential Project (Gold only)

Colston’s has taken the opportunity provided by restructuring within the Duke of Edinburgh Award to become its own Operating & Licensing Authority. This has allowed for greater autonomy and control over the scheme within the school, enabling us to further extend our already extensive provision for outdoor education.

A team of staff support, and give guidance, to all the pupils throughout the stages of the award but the emphasis is very firmly on personal involvement and initiative.

Full details of the Award can be found at;