From explosions to forensic science, chemistry is a fascinating subject in which our pupils have opportunities to experience and investigate the material wold. The skills developed through the study of chemistry are highly sought after by employers and universities and the study of chemistry opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities, from material science to medicine or marine biology.

Chemistry is very much a practical subject. In our fully-equipped chemistry laboratories pupils plan and carry out a variety of experiments and investigations. Practical work is complemented by the use of technologies such as iPads, which allow pupils to experiment, research and communicate their ideas.

In Years 9-11, pupils study the GCSE syllabus. They explore key chemical principles and consider the impact of chemical innovations such as polymer science, nanotechnology and green chemistry.

The chemistry department runs an exciting programme of projects and competitions that challenge and develop our pupils. For example, through our NanoX partnership with Bristol University, our pupils work with PhD pupils and leading academics to research nanomaterials and develop the skills needed to present their findings at a mock scientific conference hosted by Bristol University.

Our pupils achieve success in a number of national competitions, including the Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad, The Cambridge Challenge, and The Young Analyst Competition.