Business is a popular subject in the Sixth Form, perhaps because the relevance of the subject is recognised by pupils, employers and universities alike. 

Colston's Sixth Form offers two business qualification: A Level Buisiness and the Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Business.  The department has been at the forefront of developing enterprise programmes which engage pupils’ interest and put their business skills into action. Such schemes have seen the development of Colston’s water bottles, calendars, hampers, clocks and personalised mugs and T-shirts, and students have raised hundreds of pounds for charity in the process.

Whilst pupils often commence theirs studies with limited prior knowledge, they soon become confident in applying theoretical models to real-world case studies and scenarios. The department prides itself upon encouraging the most academically able to engage in wider extra-curricular activities such as Target 2.0. We aim to ensure that each and every pupil is able to fulfil his or her potential but also that they enjoy the subject and develop an interest in studying business at university and beyond.