Aims & Ethos

Colston’s School Aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for its pupils to fulfil their full potential in all areas; academic, creative, sporting and social.
  • Encourage a spirit of service in its pupils, so that they may become confident, respectful and responsible citizens.
  • Prepare students for effective participation in higher education and employment, providing opportunities for leadership and encouraging initiative and independence.

Our ethos:

Colston's is a grounded, holistic school where individuals of many and varied talents, abilities and backgrounds work together in order for each individual to maximise their potential in all areas. Academic ability and effort are highly valued but so too are abilities and effort in other areas; creative, physical, social and philanthropic. Staff and students recognise that academic outcomes are important but they also recognise that there is a great deal more to an education in the broader sense. Colstonians are provided with many opportunities to learn much more than that which is required to pass examinations and should understand their position in and responsibility to their wider communities. The school was founded in the Christian faith and Church Sevices and Christian messages still form a part of the school year but Colston's now welcomes members of any faith or those with none.